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Portoheli (also written as Portokheli or Portocheli) is a small village in the region of Ermionida, Greece. The village is built by the sea. The small gulf and the peninsula that exist protect the area from the roughness of the Aegean sea. The land is also dry, with low humidity levels and relatively poor vegetation. This was the base for a local economy depending on fishing and shipping, unlike other areas of Peloponnese that depended on farming. The presence of many sailors and fishermen was also proven by the archaeological findings in the area of Ermionida.

Today this small village has become an attraction for high class individuals, as well as tourists. Famous actors, musicians, entrepreneurs, football players and all kinds of famous individuals visit the area to have a few moments of relaxation.  The name “Greek Riviera” given to the area by worldwide travel magazines and media is no coincidence. The Mediterranean climate and the wonderful sunsets are on their own the top reason for someone to visit the village.

But the place worth paying a visit is actually not only Portoheli, but the greater area of Ermionida. The capital town of Ermionida is Kranidi. Kranidi is a town built on a hill and became famous for its distinctive architecture and urban planning. The area was inhabited by numerous sailors and their families and therefore the techniques used to build houses are those used to build houses on Greek islands. This makes Kranidi look like an island town but built on land. Their most notable feature is the “reversed” windows, with the glass panes on the outside.

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